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Thami aka Mbongo

Thami aka Mbongo: Addressing DSAC corruption and inefficiency in entities.

Dear Minister Gayton Mackenzie,

Congratulations on your recent appointment as the Minister of Sport, Arts, and Culture. Your leadership is eagerly anticipated and greatly needed in a department that has the potential to significantly influence the cultural, creative, and sporting landscape of our nation.

As you embark on this important role, I would like to draw your attention to some critical issues that require immediate and decisive intervention:

1. Rampant Corruption Among DSAC Senior Management & Officials:

It has come to light through numerous reports and whistleblower accounts that corruption is a pervasive issue within the senior management and officials of the Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture.

This includes:

 – Misappropriation of funds meant for developmental projects.

 – Nepotism in the awarding of contracts and positions.

 – Lack of transparency and accountability in financial reporting.

These corrupt practices have severely undermined the integrity and effectiveness of the department, leading to the misallocation of resources that should be directed towards nurturing and supporting our athletes, artists, and cultural practitioners. An immediate audit and restructuring are necessary to root out these corrupt elements and restore the department’s credibility.

2. Inefficiency and Ineffectiveness of DSAC Entities:

Many entities under the DSAC umbrella are failing to fulfil their mandates to serve the Cultural and Creative Industries.

Specific issues that need addressing include:

 – Non-Performance: Numerous entities have become stagnant, failing to launch meaningful projects or support initiatives that foster growth and development in the arts and culture sectors.

 – Misalignment with Industry Needs: There is a significant disconnect between these entities and the actual needs of the cultural and creative industries. This gap has resulted in missed opportunities for artists and cultural practitioners to thrive.

 – Lack of Representation: The Boards and Councils of these entities often lack diversity and are not representative of the broader community they are meant to serve.

This includes underrepresentation of marginalized groups, leading to a narrow focus and exclusionary practices.

 – Financial Mismanagement: Reports of financial mismanagement and lack of proper oversight are rampant. Funds meant for cultural projects and community development are often diverted or poorly managed, leading to minimal impact on the ground.

3. Proposed Actions:

 – Comprehensive Audit: Initiate a comprehensive audit of all DSAC entities to uncover and address financial irregularities and inefficiencies.

 – Governance Overhaul: Implement a governance overhaul, including the appointment of new Boards and Councils that are diverse, representative, and committed to transparency and accountability.

 – Strategic Realignment: Realign the strategic goals of these entities to ensure they are in tune with the actual needs of the cultural and creative industries.

 – Stakeholder Engagement: Establish regular engagement with stakeholders, including artists, cultural practitioners, and community leaders, to ensure their voices are heard and their needs addressed.

 – Capacity Building: Invest in capacity-building initiatives to enhance the skills and capabilities of DSAC staff and officials, ensuring they are equipped to effectively support the sector.

Your leadership is crucial in addressing these pressing issues to restore trust and ensure that the DSAC can fully support and promote sport, arts, and culture in our nation. The cultural and creative industries are vital to our national identity and economic growth, and they deserve the unwavering support and integrity of the department entrusted with their development.

Thank you for your attention to these matters. I look forward to seeing the positive changes your leadership will bring.


Thami aka Mbongo
akaMbongo Foundation Pty Ltd

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