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A Vegan Killed My Marriage

Sharmini Brookes: An unexpected twist adds hilarity to this on topic comedy from renowned dramatist Creig Freimond.

When Aaron McIlroy, corporate employee turned comedian and star performer in the Spud Franchise appeared on stage, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Personally, I was not familiar with him having only watched one Spud movie and forgotten it. It felt a little awkward to start with until he began the story of how this lovely goat – pictures on a flip chart-lured a whole herd of cows to their stunning death in order to create the steaks we so love.

This is what turned him towards giving up eating meat – well obviously some other current popular statistics about saving the planet from methane gas etc.

It felt a little bit like a Gretha Thunberg lecture at times, but I was always expecting a satiric comeback.

The twist for me, and you can accuse me of stereotyping, is I expected it was the wife who became vegan, but, in fact, it was him. That somehow, made it funnier as he was the uber braai master.

There are many side-splitting scenarios with his mates and his wife – who continue to love meat and gathering in friendship around a braai. There was no real challenge to veganism except from the blood- dripping meat the wife had bought and stacked in the fridge.

Still, as a meat-eating human omnivore, I laughed out loud at the hilarious scenarios between vegans and normal humans. It may convince some of you to give up the goat, but having just finished a perfectly rare steak with pepper sauce and shoestring fries at The Old Ducky, I doubt I will convert.

However, I will heartily recommend this show as a hilarious night out and perhaps The Butchers Shop next door for afters.

A Vegan Killed My Marriage is on at the Theatre on The Square until 14 July. Catch it while you can.

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