Africa for peace concert

Africa for peace concert

It is indeed a privilege to live in a beautiful and rich continent of Africa, not only is Africa rich with mineral but entertainment is on another level.

The talent you find in Africa always emerge across the whole world. Musical instruments originated from Africa are symbol of unity as they really give a batter migration footprint trace across the continent. So many battles won through the voice of musicians, so many messages delivered through songs and music has been a vehicle of emotional interpretation across the continent.

Africa for peace is a concept inspired by the state of our continent, so many conflict and civil wars overshadowed the beauty of Mother Africa, Africa has now become a battlefield and land of pain for many. Africa for peace is a one-day concert advocating for unity, love, and peace. They journey will be interpreted through African indigenous musical instruments as the call to restore our pride and culture as Africans.

Promoting African musical instruments will be the main exhibition of the day, as part of awareness and looking into music before colonization. African musical instruments are invisible and treated as secondary instruments in Africa and as musicians we need to stand together and represent African sounds and music through African instruments and language.

On 24 May 2024 multi percussionist Volley Nchabeleng will produce an authentic ancient kind of concert joined on stage by his friends and colleagues who specialise in playing African indigenous musical instruments.


– Instruments that existed into the African continent before colonization, mainly made from trees, animal skin and are played by humans. African musical instruments form African history and culture as they carry valuable history.

This is the platform where we focus on indigenous musical instruments and share their history with the new generation as part of education and heritage awareness. Africa is respected as one of richest continents when it comes to art, music, and instruments but if we don`t pass the legacy to the new generation, it will soon disappear.

For example: Marimba, Mbira, Lekope, Uhadi, Kamele Ngoni, Kora, Adungu harp just to name few.

Volly Nchabeleng’s Bio

Volley Nchabeleng was born and bred in South Africa, he hails from the village of Masemola (Thabampshe), Limpopo Province.

He is one of the multi-talented and versatile international percussionists in his right. He studied music at Sibikwa Arts Centre from the year 2001 and as well as UNISA, worked with Drama for life for 5 years as playback theatre musician. His musical genius resonates from a rather versatile perspective and the influence of the world’s diverse sounds, He played music in Africa, Europe and the Asian continents; his tours include India, Belgium and Holland, Germany, France, Australia just to name few.

• Volley composed music for a couple of theatre productions such as “Africa my love” and “makhulu” by Portia Mashigo

• He toured Europe between 2009 and 2012, “ekhaya” by tribhangi dance company “Morwa the rising son” by Tefo Paya and directed by warren Nebe,

• won standard bank silver ovation award at NAF 2015. “PALEHO”by Lebo Leisa 2016, ANKOBIA by Monageng vice Motshabi and Omphile Molusi just to name few.

His main focus is on indigenous musical instruments collections and teaching music to the upcoming generation, composing and playing marimba around the world.

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