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Danish pop star Bjorn Vido join forces with the JoBurg Rap legends the Trallavelle Twins.

Danish pop star Bjorn Vido join forces with the JoBurg Rap legends the Trallavelle Twins in a new single and music video “Singing down from Mars”.

No, they are not singing for the aliens, but trying to bring attention and perspective to the climate crisis, in a cool way, so people actually listen and hopefully change their habits. 

The song is a part of the “Music in Space Project. From the football stadium in Soweto, they will play live concerts in space via Satellites and Weather Balloons on 10 July. 

Bjorn was playing a concert at the South Pole for the penguins some years ago. It went Viral and in all TV channels around the world from CNN to African, American and Asian media. The point was to show that we have to collaborate with each other to survive and live a full life, like the penguins. If they don’t join forces in the arctic winter, they won’t make it. 

This time Bjorn and Trallavelle are going to space. The point is to use what the astronauts call “The Overview Effect”. A phenomenon that occurs, when you see Earth from space. No borders. No politics. Just a lonely little blue dot flying around alone in space. 

With that sight, you automatically change perspective and habits. 

With the song “Singing Down from Mars” Bjorn and the twins, try to recreate the same feeling, by playing via Satellites in 40000 km sending the audio and video signal down to a Weather Balloon rising to 45km, before a controlled decent in a parachute. 

There is also a SoMe strategy, so everybody can join the project, and send in their personal message – to Earth from Space. 

The song has just been obtained to be played in rotation at the New York Hip Hop Tv station “Who?Mag” by multi Grammy Award winner Rob Schwartz. 

Bjorn is living like a digital nomad, and have been traveling the world for the last 1 1/2 years. Still controlling his Copenhagen sound design studio and office “CPHsound Design”, via online. 

Bjorn is a multi-award-winning composer, musician, sound designer and marketing guru, with award like Canes Lions, Epica and an Oscar Nomination, with speciality in the Green transformation. 

All the songs on the coming album, contains a story about Bjorn and Gaia. Gaia is both a female name and also means Mother Earth in Latin. 

In this way you can listen to the music like normal pop music or get into a deeper level, where Bjorn represents all people and Gaia the Earth.

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