New Showtime slot for Qqeberha schools

Woodlands Dairy

The annual Showtime Junior Revue and Theatre Awards which could not be held due to the Covid-19 pandemic will be replaced by a new competition.

The Woodlands Dairy Showtime Performers of the Year promotion was dreamed up by Showtime Head Bob Eveleigh. The Woodlands Dairy has also been the most recent sponsor of the long-running school theatre awards.

How the promotion will work:

Entering schools had to decide upon their school’s Presenters of the Year, as follows:

• Best young actor

• Best young actress

• Best young singer (male, with a song from a Broadway show)

• Best young singer (female, with a song from a Broadway show)

• Best young musician (no restriction as to musical instrument or sex)

• Best personality

The finalists must be chosen from among their own pupils, boys and girls, between Grades 8 and 11 (matriculants are too busy in other areas of their year) with the aid of their arts, music and drama teachers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has prevented the usual run of school plays or musicals and thus the annual Showtime Junior Awards. This competition could become an annual event for both high and junior schools.

How the schools choose their winning presenters is up to them, but the final judging will be done by a suitably qualified quartet of experienced local music and drama teachers, or veterans of the Showtime shows, which have run for over 30 years to date.

The panel will be headed by Bob Eveleigh who will personally select the winning personality from among the 22 entered finalists.

The school’s choice of winners should number between three and five.

The chosen winners will perform live at a special ‘’Live Presenters of the Year’’ event on Sunday, February 6 2022 at 15:00 at the Stevenson Hall at Collegiate Girls High School. Only the performers, their parents, siblings and their principal, arts head and two suitable teachers will be invited to attend. All Covid-19 precautions will be adhered to.

Finalists from Alexander Road, Collegiate High, Pearson, Westering High with the Rother-Swain Drama Studio at high school level are already entered as “guinea pigs” for this new promotion and grateful thanks are due to them all.

All finalists will receive Woodlands Dairy certificates testifying to their progress and the category winners will receive framed certificates with the overall winner, the Showtime Performer of the Year, receiving a special Woodlands Dairy Floating Trophy.

If the finale is derailed by the possible onset of the Omicron 4th wave of the pandemic, the organisers will reschedule.

The panel of judges and qualified individual scholars will be announced shortly.

Bob Eveleigh