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Write your Activism

Write your Activism! “the pen is mightier than the sword”

The Windybrow Arts Centre strives to be a space that promotes social awareness and thought leadership, we believe that it is through creating platforms where conversations and opinions can be shared safely and openly, that we can move closer to building our nation.

The 25th of November marks the beginning of 16 days of Activism, a global movement that calls upon the nation to speak out in shared activism. In an address given by the President of South Africa on 24 November 2020, the president declared femicide and gender-based violence as a matter of national importance due to the horrific statistics given by the Minister of police which recorded an alarming rise in the number of gender-based violence related cases during the national lockdown period.

A call has been made to South Africans asking them to take a stand against any form of abuse, discrimination and hate that takes place in their communities. As part of this call, South Africans have been asked to continue with their activism beyond the 16 days!

The Windybrow Arts Centre is home for the community of Hillbrow and Johannesburg at large. In a build up to the 16 Days of Activism this year we are invite young people to pen down essays that speak from the heart as a shared response to the activism against gender-based violence. We are encouraging young people to not despair that their voices too can be heard and that there many forms of activism. As an arts centre we nurture these young people through our various youth programmes. In the spirit of patriotism as shared by our President we believe that the essays should be written in our native languages. Applicants are encouraged to write their essays in the following languages: IsiZulu, English, Xitsonga, XhiVenda, IsiXhosa, SeSotho and SePedi.  

“Writing is such a powerful tool that allows people to navigate their emotions in a safe space and at their own time. Adding writing in vernacular provides us with a unique and exciting opportunity of exploring content from different communities and not to limit the ideas of our young people to English. Language is power that we rarely are conscious of. We are so excited to be receiving essays across South Africa and presenting them to the world. Journey with us on this exciting road as we discover the next generation of writers” said Zintle Radebe – the Windybrow Arts Centre Programmes Manager.

Essay submissions will be loaded on to our online reading room and the public will be invited to vote for their favourite essay. Applications open on 19 November 2021 and close on 3 December 2021.

Submissions can be between 300 to 600 words maximum. Kindly submit all your essays to .  Competition T&C’s can be found on


1.            Do you think that campaigns like 16 Days of Activism are an effective method in raising awareness about GBV, Human Rights and discrimination against people with disabilities? If not, what more can be done, if yes, what are the changes you have seen from the activation?

2.            In his address to the nation on GBV, the president of South Africa mentioned that it is the responsibility of citizens to take steps and action against GBV. In your opinion, what measures can we take as individuals to win the fight against Gender based violence in South Africa?

3.            You are given the opportunity to run a campaign in your community in action to 16 Days of Activism, what would your manifesto to gain the support and assistance of your community against the fight of GBV say?

For more information, please contact Zintle Radebe

For media interviews contact: Lusanda Zokufa
Senior Publicist
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Lusanda Zokufa
072 367 7867
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