JUSTPHOTO Fellowship exhibition

البيت هو؟/Home is?

البيت هو؟/Home is? is a JUSTPHOTO Fellowship exhibition and e-publication by Fatma Fahmy, the JUSTPHOTO Photography Fellow and Sibongile Oageng Msimango, the JUSTPHOTO Writing Fellow.

البيت هو؟/Home is? exhibition opening
Saturday 20 November 2021, 11:00
Windybrow Arts Centre
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Nomusa Makhubu In Conversation with Fatma Fahmy, Sibongile Oageng Msimango and Refilwe Nkomo
Saturday 20 November 2021, 12:00
Windybrow Arts Centre
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Home is where the heart resides.
Home is our foundation.
Home is our refuge.

The global response to the COVID pandemic sought to keep us in our houses, in our homes, guarded from infection. We were told to stay home to grow distance between each other.

The assumption was that this reality of home is a universal one. That it is a place of intimacy, vulnerability, and security for all of us. What happens when this space of retreat becomes one of confrontation? Confronted by solitude, rupture, and uncertainty.

“A woman makes the home” is an old belief that is held across cultures and generations. What does it take to make a home? Is it love, family and stability? Is it peace and tranquillity? Or is it protection, shelter and the quest for salvation?

البيت هو؟/Home is? invites you on a journey within the private lives, personal spaces and inner thoughts of various women living both in Johannesburg, South Africa and Cairo, Egypt. The protagonists of the stories are all worlds apart but have one common thread between them: they are all surviving a global pandemic. And in fact, you are doing the same.

The exhibition reminds us of the inconvenient truth that we are living history. And there is nothing we can do about it besides play our respective roles in the absurd theatrics of this current era. As you feast your eyes on the vulnerability of the protagonists, keep in mind that you are also implicated in the chaos.

The JUSTPHOTO Fellowship at the Market Photo Workshop JUSTPHOTO is a fellowship granted to African photographers and writers who are interested in self-directed learning as creative practice. The Fellowship provides the successful applicant with the financial and infrastructural support to research and produce a body of work that imagines the ways that photography and photographic writing; visual essays and photojournalism can contribute to setting social justice agendas. Our new Covid-19 reality necessitates an increase in time spent away from one another. Social distancing has taken over public space. Communities all over the world are adhering to distancing protocols, which affects communities and also enforces solitude and reflection on our impact on the planet. What does it mean to ‘social distance’? How do we social distance where we live? What is social distancing in spaces and times, where contact is unavoidable. The arts. Multi-generational households. Public transportation. Lovers and caregivers. The vulnerable among us.

The JUSTPHOTO Writing Fellowship seeks to promote new works of photographic writing of social responsibility, activism and ethical investigation by African writers practising in Africa. The writing fellow will be paired with the recipient of the JUSTPHOTO Photography Fellowship, along with a writing mentor to collaborate on a project that combines photography and writing in innovative ways.

Award winning photographer and the principal laureate of the 2015 Prince Claus Award, Newsha Tavakolian, mentored the JUSTPHOTO Photography Fellow

Associate professor in Art History and deputy dean of transformation in Humanities at the University of Cape Town, Nomusa Makhubu, mentored the JUSTPHOTO Writing Fellow.

About the JUSTPHOTO Fellows

Fatma Fahmy is the JUSTPHOTO Photography Fellowship recipient.

Fatma Fahmy is a documentary photographer, based in Cairo. Fahmy obtained a B.A degree in Chemical Engineering from Cairo University in 2013. She focuses on environmental and social issues. Through her lens, she wishes to amplify such historical and environmental bonds. Fatma makes use of ethnographic photography practices in the process of creating visual narratives; creating an image that mimics the memory of the place and its people. She was the recipient of the Daniele Tamagni Grant at the Market Photo Workshop in 2020.

Sibongile Oageng Msimango is the JUSTPHOTO Writing Fellowship recipient.

Sibongile Oageng Msimango is a writer, researcher and translator based in Johannesburg. She is interested in investigating the complexity and nuances of language where she uses writing as a tool to explore oral, written and/or visual text. She is also interested in interrogating the paradigm of remembering through spatial politics, archival material and sociolinguistics and how they are all informed by and perpetuate power relations. She is currently the Project Co-ordinator of HUB@GOETHE, the Mentorship Programme for creative entrepreneurs at Goethe-Institut South Africa.

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The Market Photo Workshop is a Johannesburg-based school of photography, gallery and resource centre for practicing photographers. Since its establishment in 1989, the school has played an integral role in the training and growth of photographers from South Africa and further afield, while promoting photography through exhibitions, public debates and collaborative projects, especially within marginalized communities. The Market Photo Workshop is a division of The Market Theatre Foundation. Market Photo Workshop is the recipient of The Principal Prince Claus Award 2018.

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