Tsogo – The rise of Charlotte Mannya Maxeke

Tsogo - The rise of Charlotte Mannya Maxeke

Tebogo Ditinti:The day is finally here where we will get to experience something new, a story that has never being told before, especially in this manner.

I had a chance to meet and talk to the director of Tsogo, Mapula Setlhako, who also goes by the name of Moetapele on Facebook. I found that name extremely appealing and when I asked her about it and the inspiration behind it, she said: “I’m a leader in my industry and what I do”. There is nothing I appreciate more than hearing a woman take up space and own her place in her chosen field of work, creativity and expression.

 Moetapele, as I prefer to call her, speaks freely and confidently about Tsogo; her passion about this piece seeps through her. She candidly engaged me about how this work chose her years ago when she suffered a toothache and ended up at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital, where she was met by a painting of her quotes on the wall. That was just one of the few signs that kept showing up and leading her to the work. That’s what happens when you allow spirit to lead you.

According to the seasoned lecturer at Afda Film School, it was around March of this year when she had the conversation with sis Napo Masheane about writing the script. Sis Naps has also been mentoring Moetapele. Talk about a perfect pair.

I am super excited about this collaboration of powerful women leading the pack in performing arts, joining forces to bring us the never told story of an incredible trail blazer who made it her mission to fight for all human rights. As Moetapele says, Mama Charlotte Maxeke has multiplied in most of us. I can’t wait to learn more than what we can all access on Google. I’m looking forward to learning how she paved the way for those who came before us.

“Tebogo, Tsogo is like nothing you have ever seen. It is exciting, I’m excited about it. I don’t sleep, all I think about is the show,” said Setlhako. I’m counting the hours. Moetapele’s confidence in the production is contagious. We can look forward to experiencing mama Charlotte in a range of most aspects of her life from when she was a little girl to her being a prayerful fearless woman. “You will see her in all 7 different hats,” declared Setlhako.

Please join me in my excitement for this game-changing story, and possibly record-breaking production, about a woman by women for all other women…

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