An Updated Syllabus for the Woke

An Updated Syllabus for the Woke

An Updated Syllabus for the Woke is a play on South African histories: tracing as far back as possible; that is before the Dutch landed in the Cape in 1652 and all the way up to now – drawing a line between how the histories have been taught and represented and the effect that this has on our understanding of the world, and our South African realities today.

The play does not attempt to recount every detail of South African History – that would be preposterous! Rather, as a critical engagement with history as it is taught, the update refers to an update of the understanding of cause and effect when it comes to those uncomfortable dynamics within our histories, offering these a more direct address. Apartheid is not neutral, colonialism is not neutral. Issues of land are not ancient history.

As all good satires do, this play holds a mirror up to the system but also to ourselves as we seek to recognise where and how we lost consciousness, leaving you questioning… Are we woke?

The 2021 Kwasha members aim to use this unique opportunity to create relevant work that inspires a change in its audience: while simultaneously soaking up the possibilities for personal growth through their work and process. By nurturing a safe, welcoming and disciplined environment in which to play, they hope to produce meaningful work as well as invite a network of collaborators into their processes throughout the year. Collectively, they commit to embracing mistakes and to find JOY in process, no matter the subject of the work they are creating.

Never forgetting that people and every day experiences are the heart of storytelling, Kwasha! the 4th is unafraid of the 4th IR and look forward to embracing influences and enhancing technologies from our ever-changing world. Using new approaches to relevant content, the group aims to open the literal door to a new theatre goer’s, with a focusing on engaging Pan African youths who may not ordinarily find themselves in the theatre. With the belief that theatre is a powerful medium that can inspire, heal or help us understand and process our realities, Kwasha! is interested in expanding beyond an obvious theatre audience and hope to make work that appeals to, impacts and reaches those on the margins of society.

Written by Hayleigh Evans and Ncumisa Ndimeni, devised in collaboration with the cast.

Cast: Kwasha Theatre Company (Kgotatso Makwala, Mpho Malesa, Khethukuthula Jele) with Martin Grendele and Aalliyah Matintela

Produced by the Windybrow Arts Centre and Market Theatre Foundation

Choreography: Sinenhlanhla Mgeyi

Production design: Toni Morkel

Projection design: Natalie Paneng

Stage Manager: Siphesihle Fakude

Lighting Design: Katlego Dire

Sound Design: Mandisa Hope Vilakazi and Lebogang Rammalla

Dates: 7 – 10 October 20222

Venue: Ramolao Makhene Theatre, Market Theatre Laboratory

Tickets: R 50

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Lusanda Zokufa
072 367 7867
The Market Theatre Foundation