BASA call for nominations


Business and Arts South Africa NPC (BASA) has a vacancy on the Board of Directors. The purpose of this notice is to call for nominations for a new member to fill this position.

The current Board comprises 12 Non-Executive Directors and one Executive Director, all of whom contribute to the overall success, governance, and compliance of the organisation. Nominations should include the name of the proposer, a letter of motivation, and detailed curriculum vitae (CV) of the proposed candidate. So as to open the space to a diversity of voices and perspectives, young people are encouraged to apply.

This documentation must be submitted to Rochelle Singh via e-mail at Please note the deadline for nominations, Thursday 19 August 2021 at 17:00. Kindly note that no late submissions will be processed.


BASA was founded in 1997, as a joint initiative between government and the private sector, as part of a strategy to secure greater involvement in the arts from businesses operating within South Africa.

Established as a Section 21 Company, BASA is constituted in terms of the Companies Act, and is registered as a public benefit organisation (PBO). Its delisting as a Schedule 3 entity has seen Business and Arts South Africa NPC register for VAT. BASA is accountable to its stakeholders, namely government, BASA members, as well as the creative sector. For more information, please visit

One of the key objectives of this nomination process is to create a Board that consists of expert members who contribute actively to its functioning. Areas of address that Directors are required to support include fundraising, marketing, policy and governance, and financial support.

The successful candidate would be required to be strategically engaged but not operationally active. In 2017, the Board appointed a Governance Committee to assist with this process. The duties of the Governance Committee include (but are not limited to) the following:

•             Receive nominations for potential Board appointment

•             Identify potential candidates based on the balance and representation of the Board

•             Evaluate candidates based on background information, declaration of interests and curriculum vitae

•             Shortlisting candidates

•             Preparation of a recommended list of nominees for election at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The current Governance Committee members are:

•             Dr Yacoob Abba Omar

•             Charmaine Soobramoney

•             Zingisa Motloba

•             Ashraf Johaardien

Eligibility of Nominees

Nominees should meet the following qualification criteria:

•             Preference will be given to paid-up BASA members who have been active for 12 months

•             The nominee should preferably have at least five years’ cumulative experience as a director of one or more of the following entities:

o             A listed company

o             An unlisted company

o             A public sector body (whether incorporated or created by statute); or be

o             A director, or equivalent, of a not-for-profit (NPO) organisation of substance; or

o             An arts or arts-affiliated organisation or body, or be

o             An individual with proven business experience.

The nominee should preferably have the expertise to add value on one or more of the following Board subcommittees:

•             Risk and Audit Committee

•             Human Resources Committee

•             Governance Committee

Board Directors serve for a period of three years on an unpaid voluntary basis and the qualification criteria application is subject to the discretion of the Governance Committee.

The current BASA Board comprises the following members:

•             Charmaine Soobramoney (Chairman)

•             Mandie van der Spuy (Deputy Chairman)

•             Ashraf Johaardien (CEO)

•             Devi Sankaree Govender

•             Hilton Lawler

•             Kathy Berman

•             Khanyi Mamba

•             Kojo Baffoe

•             Makgati Molebatsi

•             Mirna Wessels

•             Dr Yacoob Abba Omar

•             Unathi Malunga

•             Zingisa Motloba


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday, 30 September 2021 will deal with the following items:

1.            The election of one Non-Executive Director to serve on the Board (as outlined above)

2.            The approval of the Annual Financial Statements (AFS)

3.            The appointment of the Auditors

The formal notice of the AGM will be sent to BASA members within the required timeframes.

Should you require further information, please contact Rochelle Singh on 011 447 2295 or e-mail

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