Apply for Letsema! / Collaborate!

Letsema! / Collaborate!

An intercultural exploration of ‘theatricality’.

ASSITEJ SA and ASSITEJ Belgium join forces to provide an opportunity for research, collaboration and development in theatre for young audiences.

This project forms part of ASSITEJ SA’s programme, Cradle ReWired. Cradle of Creativity is a biennial intercultural and international festival which was hosted by ASSITEJ SA in 2017 as part of the 19th ASSITEJ World Congress, and in 2019, as a stand-alone event. The festival was due to take place again in August 2021, at the Market theatre, but due to COVID, we have had to adapt to the moment, and find innovative ways to ensure that there are opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and support for new productions for South African TYA artists.

Cradle ReWired is therefore a series of online and hybrid engagements taking place from August 2021 onwards, with monthly events to keep artists connected to the world of Theatre for Young Audiences and to stimulate intercultural exchange with artists across the continent and the world. It contains different components such as Creative Conversations, Creative Sparks, Creative Connections, Creative Community and Creative Collabs.

Letsema!/Collaborate! is one of our Creative Collabs, and will explore how work may be presented in real life, using innovative means, when audiences are not able to engage normally with theatre/theatre spaces. This will happen through digital engagement and mutual exploration between paired artists from South Africa and Belgium. The project is generously supported by the Government of Flanders and Wallonia-Brussels International.


The project will examine the notion of “theatricality” and what components are needed or can be invented in order to bring an audience into a theatrical experience, when some or all of the usual theatrical elements may not be possible. It will provide insights into the realities within which artists live and work within their own paradigms and in so doing, broaden the scope for possibilities within the work itself.

The project hopes to foster innovation and dynamic exchange as well as the creation of new work using new methodologies and approaches, which will allow audiences in Belgium and South Africa to access the arts.

The application process will take place in three rounds.


•             3 September 2021: Networking event

•             8 September 2021: Application deadline, Round 1; 30 artists selected

•             September-October 2021: Participation in Cradle ReWired conversations

•             15 November 2021: Announcement of Round 2; 12 artists selected

•             November – January 2022: Research and development phase

•             15 January 2022: Application deadline for Round 3; 2-3 artists selected

•             4 February 2022: Announcement of selected production/productions

•             February – July 2022: Production phase

•             August 2022: Presentation at Cradle of Creativity 2022

Round 1: Networking and Learning Process

•             Launch of call: 10 August 2021

•             Networking Event: 3 September 2021

•             Application deadline for participation: Wednesday 8 September 2021 (23h59)

All interested artists are invited to apply to join a process of collective learning and networking. Up to 30 applicants (15 from each country) can take place in this initial step. They will be invited to join several events during ASSITEJ SA’s virtual programme, Cradle ReWired 2021 in order to get to know each other’s audiences and artistic realities.

The participants will not receive a fee for their participation, but they will receive support for data access. The events include: the launch event to share artistic realities and responses to social circumstances; 3 international conversations between artists and young audiences in South Africa and Belgium around shared productions; 1 discussion between the concerned artists from the participating productions; 3 matchmaking workshops to share ideas for research and to create pairs or trios; to take place on Mondays 11, 18 and 25 October, times to be advised.

Who can apply?

•             Artists working in South Africa (members of ASSITEJ SA) or Belgium (Flemish and/or French-speaking)

•             With an interest in performing for young audiences

How to apply?

For Round 1, you are required to submit a short pitch within the application form found on the ASSITEJ SA website: Applications need to be in English. You can either submit your idea in text (or through a link to a small video or voice message (max. 2 minutes).

You need to answer following questions:

•             Biography(max. 100 words)

•             What motivates you to make work for children and young people? (max. 250 words)

•             What is the idea, proposal or initiative you wish to propose? (max. 400 words)

•             How does this idea fit in your artistic practice? (max. 250 words)

•             Upload an image appropriate to your idea, proposal or initiative

•             Upload a profile picture

Round 2: Selection and Refinement process From the 30 participating artists, we will select 12 artists to refine their ideas further in pairs or trios (if they wish to work across Flemish/French/South African cultures).

Each artist will receive a fee of 500 euros for their participation in this stage.

Artists will work in their own time between November and January on developing and refining their proposals further, to apply for a production fee and presentation at Cradle of Creativity (at the Market Theatre, South Africa, August 2022).

•             Registration of Partnership: 30 October 2021

•             Announcement of Round 2 participants: 15 November 2021

•             Deadline for final proposals from the 12 artists (4-6 projects): 15 January 2022.

Who can apply?

•             Artists who are selected for round 1 and who find matches through the process, so become paired up in an international collaboration (either as a duo, or as a collective)

How to apply?

•             Submit a detailed proposal of your collective idea, including budget and other possible (international) partnerships.

Round 3: Production process

Announcement of the successful collaboration: 4 February 2022

There will be either ONE tri-cultural winning collaboration (which must include a South African, Flemish- and French-speaking Belgian artist), or TWO strong proposals (a collaboration between an artist from SA + Flanders and one from SA + Wallonia). They will receive a budget of up to 12 000 euros to present their collaboration at the festival and/or in their respective countries.

Presentation and Reflection: August 2022

The resulting collaborations are showcased at the Cradle of Creativity, either as a production/event, or as a presentation about the production/event, which may have happened between March and August in the participating countries. All participants from previous rounds are welcome to attend and engage further in the intercultural conversation.

To apply for Round 1, go to to access the application form.

Kofi Maqhawe Dotsey
061 066 0538