Statement on misleading City Press’ headline

The South African State Theatre

The South African State Theatre has noted with disappointment the misleading headline of the story titled “Ster-Kinekor to help Save SA State Theatre” published online by City Press on Sunday, 23 May 2021. We call on our stakeholders to ignore the headline as it seems to suggest that our ground-breaking collaboration to exhibit theatre content with Ster-Kinekor Theatres is to “help save” us from a situation imaginary to the publication.

When various media outlets and the artistic community hailed the meeting of theatre and cinema as ground-breaking and cutting-edge, it is disappointing that City Press has reduced it to a handout. Maybe what needs saving is the integrity of reporting compromised by clout pursuits with such disparaging headlines.

The State Theatre is in no need of ‘saving’ as it is financially stable and relentless in its mandate. SAST’s curtain has been up servicing artists through innovative platforms created for them to practice. Even when the country was deep in lockdown, it was this theatre that sought ways to serve the artists and kept the arts alive through its online theatre platform, which to date rolled out Covid-19 relief to scores of artists and helped produce new works. The State theatre’s lights are on daily with performances for theatre loving audiences, caped in line with Covid-19 regulations stipulated by government.

Collaborations are not new to SAST. In the recent 2021 Kucheza Afrika Festival, we have struck collaborations with other theatres in Durban and Cape Town to make sure the dance festival is accessible to many dance lovers during a pandemic which limits movement to curb the spread of the virus. The new collaboration with SKT is merely to exhibit theatre content in cinema. No one is being saved.

Issued by the South African State Theatre

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