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Photo of Mignon Furman as a dancer & Founder of the American Academy of Ballet New York

The American Academy of Ballet Teacher Seminar will be held online in South Africa from Saturday 10 to Sunday 18 April 2021.

The ‘Performance Awards’ certification course for ballet teachers was founded by Mignon Furman, who created 115 choreographies that are taught in ballet schools and studios in the USA and 18 countries around the world.

With the emphasis on technique and artistry, the seminar enables teachers to become certified to teach the American Academy of Ballet program with their students, who form an association with the academy and become part of the AAB school calendar. This opportunity gives them prominence in the dance market.

The Performance Awards program includes levels 1 to 12 for dancers between the ages of 5 and 18 years. The online classes are from 9am to 5pm over weekends and 9am until 12:30pm on weekdays. There are approximately 45 hours of tuition over nine days.

The fee to participate in the program is R4,000. It includes the instruction manual with over 200 pages and a video of the detailed choreography as well as the related sheet music. AAB will continue to offer classes not covered in the initial 45 hours.

Each teacher completing the Teachers Seminar will receive a certificate and have the rights to teach and perform the choreography. Payments may be made over 3 months by credit card.

The American Academy of Ballet is based in New York. For additional information about the seminar please e-mail or call Laurence Kaplan, New York: WhatsApp 1-917-698-7172.

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• Marianela Nunez Principal Ballerina of the Royal Ballet in London will be coaching the classical variations of Kitri in ‘Don Quixote’ and from ‘Coppelia’, ‘Swan Lake’ and the ‘Blue Bird,’ in Levels 10 and 12. These are unique classes.

• Iain MacDonald the Director of Joburg Ballet and a member of the AAB Summer School faculty will be teaching the Performance Awards Levels that he teaches at the AAB Summer School in New York.

• Barbara Mullen from New Hampshire, USA and Gina Chiavelli from New York are Performance Awards judges. They were very dear friends of Mignon and will also be teaching.

• Karla Peniche the AAB Organizer in Mexico and a Performance Awards judge will also be teaching.

• Sidwell Roman, Director of Sidwell Roman School of Ballet, Knysna, Eastern Cape, is a Performance Award Judge and will teach Levels 6 and 8.

• Vladimir Stadnik from the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia will be teaching various levels. Mr Stadnik is also a Performance Awards judge and is on the faculty of the AAB Summer School.

• Kevin Durwael, Director of the Royal Ballet School in Antwerp will be teaching Level 7. He is a member of the AAB Summer School faculty. In 2018 he choreographed 4 ballets for the Mignon Furman Gala at the Artscape Theatre Centre, Cape Town.

• Mariana Zacharias, Director of On Danse School of Dance, is the Performance Awards Organiser, Brazil.

• Betty Blake is a Director of Betty Blake Academy of Ballet, and the organiser and judge of the Performance Awards in KwaZulu Natal.


With only her talents, courage, and determination to give definition to her vision for ballet education, Mignon Furman founded the American Academy of Ballet in New York in 1990. It soon became the premier Summer School in America.

Margot Fonteyn, with whom she was friendly, gave her invaluable advice, during several detailed discussions about the technical and artistic aspects of classical ballet. Mignon had the good fortune to benefit from the wisdom and unique experience of a world-famous ballerina.

Mignon Furman also composed the ‘Performance Awards’, which are taught all over America, and are an international phenomenon, praised by teachers in other countries. The success of the Performance Awards is due to her choreography: She was a superb choreographer. Her many compositions have logic, harmony, content, and intrinsic beauty. Mignon also composed seven instructional videos for the teaching of classical ballet.

Before coming to New York, Mignon Furman was the Director of the University of Cape Town Ballet School, with special responsibility for teacher training. She formulated the program for the 80 trainee teachers and 400 students at the Ballet School. She was nominated for the Distinguished Teacher Award from amongst the entire university’s academic staff of professors, and lecturers.

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AAB Teacher Seminar Flyer
AAB Teacher Seminar Flyer
AAB Seminar Teachers
AAB Seminar Teachers
Schedule of online seminar classes
Schedule of online seminar classes
Mignon Furman with her friend Margot Fonteyn
Mignon Furman with her friend Margot Fonteyn