Announcing new patron for NCT

Victoria Freudenheim

National Children’s Theatre is delighted to announce that Victoria Freudenheim is joining our National Children’s Theatre family as Patron.

Victoria’s background and interests make her the perfect fit for the role of patron. Victoria is South African born, the daughter of Mary Oppenheimer. She spent her early years at school in Johannesburg and Natal and is well aware of the challenges facing children’s theatre today, especially in light of Covid19.

Victoria passionately endorses educational and welfare upliftment of the needy through the KAVOD TRUST. She is particularly supportive of the work that National Children’s Theatre does in taking workshop classes in drama, singing and dance to schools in impoverished areas. In addition NCT tours rural areas, to schools where children have never had the opportunity to see real live theatre, (nor in many schools have their teachers seen live theatre), and also supports our tours of setworks to schools, especially the last three years where we have taken Athol Fugard’s My Children! My Africa! to government schools in several of the South African Provinces. The play also spent five weeks in 2019 at the South African State Theatre in Pretoria being presented twice daily to matric students from schools in the surrounding areas.

Victoria is a keen supporter of literacy and the arts, and believes in the power of theatre to transform the lives of children. She believes that when children do not experience the various aspects of theatre, they miss out on incredible artistic experiences that can be remembered many years later, and indeed, can last a lifetime. They also lose the chance to experience thoughtful, discerning and insightful learning opportunities, resulting in new behaviors that not only raise school performance, but also encourage creativity, communication, leadership, as well as improve cultural understanding, patience, morals, and imagination. Indeed, she says, “An afternoon at the theatre is something that cannot be over praised or overlooked.”

Victoria now lives in London with her husband and three children, but has not lost her ties to South Africa She works through the KAVOD TRUST to give aid to South African children. Moira Katz, CEO of National Children’s Theatre says, “We are thrilled with Victoria’s patronage and look forward to the time after Covid19 when Victoria will be able to visit us and enjoy seeing the work we do.”

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