Sandra Prinsloo in Kamphoer die verhaal van Susan Nell.

Renowned Johannesburg Theatres join forces in staging award-winning production Kamphoer.

Two theatre giants collaborate for the first time to produce this hard-hitting drama Kamphoer on stage that will clench Johannesburg audiences.

The Market Theatre is very excited to announce the collaboration with Roodepoort Theatre. The deliberate effort has been evident in last couple of years with some local and international companies.

Both theatres hold historical character in the development of theatre in Johannesburg, so it was clear to the Artistic Director James Ngcobo to produce this work of such importance with the Roodepoort Theatre because it needed a bigger showcase and 2021 marks 119 years since the end of the Anglo-Boer war. The production looks at grave injustices that the women often suffer as a result of a war, the gross human rights violation that Susan Nell endured. The themes covered in the production are very relevant issues that our society still face.

The darling of South African stage, television and film, Sandra Prinsloo, returns to Johannesburg stages in this latest hit production Kamphoer, directed by the internationally acclaimed Lara Foot.

Based on a true story, Sandra appears in the challenging role of Susan Nell, who faced an unspeakable ordeal during the Anglo-Boer War (1899 – 1902) in the Winburg concentration camp. Following her father’s death during the war, Susan and her mother end up in a concentration camp where she is brutally raped and left for dead by two British officers and a joiner.

The Roodepoort Theatre has transformed itself to becoming a relevant space to the community it serves resulting in producing pioneering work. The theatre made major progress in terms of the diversification of its production and marketing mix which consequently had a significant impact on the diversification of audiences.

The Market Theatre and Roodepoort Theatre are experimenting in matching productions with perfectly targeting the intended audiences. Kamphoer will kick off its run at the Market Theatre from 19 January – 14 February, it will immediately move to the Roodepoort Theatre for a limited season 20 – 28 February 2021. This partnership enables the theatres to address a demand for diverse work in different parts of Johannesburg.

“The Market Theatre Foundation would love to thank the Joburg City Theatre Management who are the management company for the Roodepoort Theatre who absolutely jumped on the collaboration, we are all in it together. Theatre is not competition but contribution to our stakeholders.” said James Ngcobo, artistic director for the Market Theatre.

Kamphoer will be the first production to be staged at the Market Theatre in 2021 as part of the 45th year celebration and the second production post Covid 19. The theatre would like to assure its audiences that all safety measures are adhered to and that their safety is our priority.

Kamphoer is an intense, hard-hitting and immensely gripping production don’t miss it!

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