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A Black Story

Applecart Arts London “Dazed New World” Online Festival presents A Black Story written and directed by Sabrina Richmond.

Set in three neighbouring terraced houses, three sets of relationships – a grandmother and grandson (Vanessa White-Smith and Tats Nyazika); two half-brothers (Chad-lee Brown and Patrick Bayele); a couple with an electric connection (Jonathan James and Khadija Richmond) – try to reorder their worlds as they once knew it, looking for connection and healing. What is A Black Story – living life.

We invite you to join us for the online streaming of this live theatre performance on Monday 19 October at 19:30 (British Summer Time/BST)

It will also be streamed on Wednesday 21 October at 21:00 (BST) and Saturday 24 October at 19:00 (BST) –

* Contains sexual references recommended age 14+

‘This piece was created through the lens of my endless fascination with relationships in general and my curiosity about how relationships are now changing during this time – for many, it is proving to be a litmus test for the relationships that they currently have and/or perhaps once had in their lives. As a Black African storyteller, my work is often referred to as ‘a black story’, which of course it is because I am Black and I am an African – a richness of identity which not only influences how I see the world, but also shapes my experiences in & interactions with it. In many ways, it is impossible to separate the audacity it takes to live your truth especially as an artist from the weight of the structural, systemic inequality the outside world places on one’s life. This new work ‘A Black Story’ I hope is an expression of a theme I repeatedly return to in my artistic work – connection & healing. A universal desire sought in all human relationships.’ – Sabrina Richmond, Playwright and Director of ‘A Black Story’

About Sabrina Richmond

Sabrina Richmond is a South African emerging Writer, Director & Performer with a background in journalism. She has directed theatrical pieces shown at UK-based venues such as The Space Arts Theatre, Southwark Playhouse, Theatro Technis, The Pleasance Theatre as well as The Lion and Unicorn. Her writing credits include: Genetic Beauty (2020 Virtual Collaborators Online Theatre Festival), My Cape is Invisible (The Pleasance Theatre), Hands off my womb! (The Chapel Playhouse) and An African in the Snow (The LABS programme at The Pleasance Theatre). She’s a 2019/20 Tamasha Theatre Playwright and is developing a piece that explores inherited trauma across three generations. She is also one of the 2020/21 Oxford Playhouse Evolve Artists and is developing a piece that explores a 40-year-old woman though satisfied by her solo clitoral orgasms, decides to embark on a journey to explore desire with another human body after 1825 days of doing it solo. @Lifeof_Bree (Twitter) | @lifeofbree_storyteller

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